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ZEUS GROUP developed a smart fitness app that challenges users to be ACTIVE

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Client wanted to see a new smart fitness app with unique tools for recording all activities, selecting the best way to get in a shape and social media integration.

The main task was to create a special app that helps users who are currently overweight or inactive to start their moving again. On the way of shedding those unwanted pounds give them more and more motivation by the ability to invite their friends and compete with them.


I. Create a special form of motivation system. This system must increase users desires to adhere a healthy lifestyle.

II. Develop a unique 30 days training program for beginning you healthy lifestyle.

III. Create and implement tools for tracking users activity, calculation burned calories and BMI, training plans for different types of activity and integration to social media for sharing your results and success.


I. You don`t have to be a competitive athlete or have a gym membership. The app record every calorie you burned and activity, whether you swim, run or ride. Active Time is your pocket trainer.

II. 30 days Fitness Challenge – for athletes, who wants to be a champion.

III. You can start your sport way with friends and get all information about your activity.


Project team consisted of three professionals and included: Project Manager, Software Engineer and QA Engineer. Project work continued for 6 months.

The following technical stack was used:
CocoaTouch, GeoLocation, FHS Twitter engine, Objective-C, FB SDK, CorePlot.

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