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ZEUS GROUP created unique tool for better control of your costs.

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Kitchee is an application that can scan and process receipts, create a special database for them. Also, you can sort information about your products and share it with other users.

The goal was to build a special app, which simplifies a control of your costs and provides an opportunity to give others an advice for best price on interesting for them products.


I. Design a product for simplification of cost control process.

II. Create and implement special tool for sorting information about products, prices and shops.

III. Design a flexible database architecture.


I. Efficient saving money due to the cost control and available information for places with the lowest price on interested product

II. Receipts processing service can read information from “yesterday's” receipts

III. The ability to identify the most frequent purchases


The project was handled within five months by team of four: Project Manager, 2 Software Engineers and QA Engineer.

The technology stack included:
Android SDK, OpenCV, Tesseract OCR, PHP, FuzzyMatching, Levinshtein Distance Algorithm.

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