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Win the dispute or do what you say

ZEUS GROUP created and developed interesting app, where you can get someone to do what you want, or have to do what they say.


OddZ takes you into the game with another person, where you need to win a bet and the opponent fulfill your wishes or in case of your failure you have to fulfill one's desires.

The idea was to create an unusual application, where you can get a dispute with other person and in case of failure your opponent must do your wish and give a proof of it. If you lose – you must do the same.


I. To create service that can involve people in interesting game. Make the rest more exciting and full of emotions.

II. Creating and implementing special tool for using mobile camera to do a proof and then sharing this proof (photo, video or audio).

III. Link special server for storage all evidences with your device and facilities to view previous proofs.


I. Exciting and gambling application, which gives new challenges for people and more enjoyment in their life.

II. The game takes few minutes, but gives you much more emotions.

III. Responsive UI and instant access to application data on your device.


A dedicated team of 3 employees, including Software Engineers and QA Engineer was assigned to the project. The team was involved in the project during 6 months.

Technology stack was defined and included:
SWIFT programming language, PHP, MySQL, Yii2, Apple Push Notification Service (over HTTP/2).

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