New digital marketing trends in 2018

New digital marketing trends in 2018



We've heard about mobile devices for the last few years, but for some crazy reason, many companies are still taking no action. Ride to nowhere at any time and see what people are doing. I can assure you that they have a face buried in a mobile device. Mobile will remain a top priority for marketers for years to come. Place a mobile strategy to interact with your potential customers and customers. This means creating a mobile site, but depending on your business, mobile elements can include the ability to send text messages to your customers. For example, the restaurant industry can leave with sending texts once a week with special offers, whereas the doctors' office will find it difficult to send something so regularly. I propose to start by sending two messages a month, one interesting text and one advertising message with a call to action. Once you start, you can quickly assess how many messages your audience will respond to.



In recent times, by and large, all the boobies. If you are not familiar, think of them as an instrument on the other side of the computer that can answer questions or comments from your customers. Chatbots are used for interaction, customer service issues, general issues and even business closures. I tested them for the last six months, and the results were off-schedule. The crazy thing is, if you set up the bot correctly, it's very difficult to tell if you're talking to an actual person or bot. Launch a website or Facebook chatbot to interact with your potential customers. Find something interesting or interesting to start a conversation, because the prospect must initiate a chat. I'm a big fan of data-driven marketing, and I've seen that open rates exceed 80% or higher with the audience involved. Thus, if you send 1000 messages through your chatbot tool, the probability that your message will be displayed is at least 800 people. These rates are much higher than the open e-mail rates, which makes it a unique channel to not ignore.


Media Properties

In which business do you work? Regardless of your answer, I would challenge you to start thinking about your business as a media company. Where do you get most of your information about what is happening in the world? If you read news on the Internet or read a paper copy, the news controls the conversation for a day, a week or a month. The best way to monitor the conversation in front of your potential customers and customers is to get quality content before them. Run one media platform, 100% focused on providing useful, authentic content for your end users. This can mean a podcast, a well-written and thought-out blog or even a video with live video that you shoot on a weekly basis. Business, which produces the best (and most) content, will come out on top.


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