Why mobile app better than the website

Why mobile app better than the website

The number of mobile users is growing exponentially. According to the RIF + KIB data, in 2016 their number increased by 12.5% and is almost 30%, worldwide users. It became habitual to find the right information on the way to work or in line at dinner. People are used to mobility and are eager for it. In this regard, the leaders of modern companies face the problem of choosing a mobile business solution: is there enough mobile version of the site or is it better to order the application?

The IAB "App Gap" study showed that 64% of users consider applications to be more convenient than sites, 42% prefer sites on the contrary. At the same time, 88% of the time mobile users spend in applications, browsers get only 12% of the time. The site is a source of information about the business. A mobile application is a trusting relationship with customers and a quick fix to their problems. With proper use, the application will help in the development of business and will become a good investment in the future. Mobile application for business - a powerful image tool that allows you to contact the client 24 hours a day, be at arm's length: at work, on vacation, even in bed. With the help of the application, you can keep customers, increase the number of their calls for a product or service.


The mobile application is expensive

At first glance, it seems that the mobile application is expensive, it is long and better to order the development of a mobile version of the site. Let's look at the statistics. Russia is among the five countries the number of smartphones per capita. According to eMarketer forecasts by 2018, 76.4 million Russians will have smartphones, that is, every second smartphone. In large cities, the mobile audience is 25-30% of the city's population. Every fourth visitor to any institution - bar, beauty salon, private clinic - uses a mobile device with iOS or Android. And we do not take into account that the majority of visitors to restaurants, fitness clubs, beauty salons, etc. - people are modern and wealthy. In this case, the number of mobile device users will reach 60-70%. It is easy to calculate that a return and re-check even 5% of visitors will pay back the development of a mobile application for business in a few months.


Why the application is better

With payback figured out, now let's talk about the benefits of mobile applications for business. Interaction with users. The application, unlike sites, allows you to send push notifications, which will be reported on promotions, special offers, new products or services. About the news on the site users will only know when they visit, and this can happen as a day or a month. Quality interface. The site, adapted for mobile devices, should be easy to use with your finger. The screens differ in size and density of pixels. It happens that the screen resolution of the phone is larger than that of the computer monitor, but the diagonal is much smaller. Mobile operating systems smooth this inconvenience when the fingers should be no thicker than a toothpick to get into small links and buttons. But they do it differently depending on the device and the platform, so you will not be 100% sure what the site looks like from a particular user, you will not know whether it is convenient to use it.



A mobile application can store user data and change the interface according to its needs. When cloud synchronization is enabled, even on different devices, the user will see the application with the filled personal data, for example, with the delivery address or the encrypted number of the bank card.


Work offline

Mobile Internet is on many devices, but not at all and not always. If you want users to not lose contact with the product when the Internet connection is disconnected, creating a mobile application is the only solution to the problem. As you can see, the mobile application is beneficial for business. Engage in its development is not only in one case: if customers are people aged 60+ with Nokia 3310 phones. But this is not about your business?



Customers who want to use the native functions of modern smartphones to diversify the user experience of customers, choose a mobile application. If the goal is to attract new customers, then the best choice is a mobile application. The Zeus team can provide services to develop a mobile application and an adaptive version of the site. The best cases in these areas can be found in our portfolio.

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