Future Technologies to Revolutionize Digital Publishing

Future Technologies to Revolutionize Digital Publishing

Ten years ago if someone would have said that over 50% of all adult people in the United States will use Facebook to recognize the news, no one would have believed them. According to the research center Pew, now 62% of adults in the US report on their own news from public networks. Similarly, as development continues to move beyond public networks, it is ready to rework the digital publishing industry and how we use our announcements in the foreseeable decade.

1. Live Streaming

With the rise of the stream on the air on all platforms of social networks, connecting YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it's probably not an elementary method for small channels to improve the niche. Faster, probably is the newest trend to attract contemplatives and the ability for news to embrace hundreds of thousands of people at once.
Thanks to the tremendous investments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook Live and the deployment of a dedicated place for live video in the extreme addition of a market for live video will only increase, as most 1.5 billion users will join the market in real time.

2. Virtual Reality

As soon as television appeared for the first time, the contemplators were stunned by the chance for the first time to see the scenes of struggle and struggle on the screens. In extreme years, Twitter enticed the world, becoming a platform for people and functionaries in zones of intruders, to report on incidents on the ground in real time. In the future, virtual reality will still lend Wotan a step, combining into a single unified theory of live streaming and exciting events.

With the rise of innovations in the field of virtual reality and lowering the prices for VR videos, connecting Google Cardboard, the ability to attract audiences is unlimited. Tighter people managed to check the Olympics with the convenience of their own building with the support of VR points from Samsung. Testimony of news in this way is not very far.

3. Data and Machine Learning

While not necessarily a "new" development, these become all the most ambitious and difficult. We live in an era of information, in which more and more such, as if we have, collects these about everything about us, from our extreme news on our clear arrangement for such as how long we sit in our chairs. In the final count, with the increase in the number of these about any of our assistance, there is a chance to personalize the content. In accordance with the words of Pierre Gelardi, the creative head of the refinery 29, we are already seeing an overestimation of personalization, the most personal association and the most humanoid-like methods.  "Since our ability to detect these from these grows into the movement of the next few years, the industry will become better able to see the trends and personalize the content on the basis of the user, creating a sung and powerful experiment for the reader.

4. UI overhauls

2018 will be the main year for the user interface; we need to audit how we interact with our additions and adaptations.  The rule of reasonable speakers and the best voice search made probably because it is no longer necessary to look at the screen to enter these. Desktop devices are becoming the least and least used and mobile devices continue to operate. The newest varieties of visual results and the most audible clues, the faster, will only be integrated into the user interface of the next generation, and buyers will soon adapt to them if they meet their basic needs. It's hard to say how soon these trends will become apparent, or what kinds of devices and upgrades will predetermine their formation, but I am convinced that we will see an exaggerated exposition on all these fronts, in accordance with the measure of the formation of 2018.  Independently from such as you concern to technologies or your main themes for its application, I think, we can all be delighted with the newest gadgets and infrastructure that await us next year.


As technology continues to rapidly advance and change, it brings with it the promise of completely reshaping the way in which we consume content. With massive competition in the field of live streaming as well as the buy-in from Facebook, live streaming promises to become one of the major avenues for content distribution in the future. As more users seek out live and immersive experiences and as the technology continues to become cheaper, virtual reality goggles will allow consumers to understand the news in a completely different light. All of this comes with more and more data on users, which, if utilized correctly, can allow for better personalization.

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