Android 9 Pie  What’s new?

Android 9 Pie What’s new?

Prehistory of Android

They say that childhood should be happy. The green robot with this definitely was not lucky. The youth of Android was held in the arena of the Colosseum, and its development was most reminiscent of the race for survival. The winner was waiting for the rain of gold coins and the audience's ovation, the losers the whistle of deceived fans and incompatible with life injuries.

Rivals from Android were more than enough, and they were not at all peaceful. At the beginning of the place in the arena was not great and there was a lot of dirty tricks - kickers, footsteps, backstrokes. MeeGo could not survive even before entering the arena, Symbian soon died with a knife in the back, Windows without power fell from a chair hauling chariot.  Firefox OS, Bada and BlackBerry OS trampled competitors. Tizen, Ubuntu Touch, and Sailfish OS were able to rise from the ground and leave the arena for their own two, but now they have nothing to do in the Coliseum. The maximum that it shines is the night watchman's work in smart TVs, watches or specialized telephones.

After a few years, only iOS and Android remained in the arena. Two young, but experienced wise gladiator, who managed to survive there, was much stronger, more skilled and famous fighters broke down. Since the beginning of the race, they have become stronger, more cunning and more experienced. And they took a lot from their rivals, as well as from each other. They have long no sense to listen to the uninvited advice of the audience, they in practice have proved that they understand their business better than others.

But now we are talking about Android, the latest version that Google recently announced.

New version

The new version of the Android OS will be tied to the interaction of machine learning and a mobile device.

Technology company, engaged in artificial intelligence, DeepMind will increase the autonomy of smartphones by 30 percent. The development was called Adaptive Battery.

Adaptive Battery

Thanks to this, Android-pie has the ability to prioritize the additions, depending on how often the user opens them.

If the program is used, it will be closed after a certain time, so as not to use energy resources in the background. The applications used will receive priority.

Artificial intelligence will still control how the user replaces the brightness of the screen, depending on their own environment, to figure out how to adjust the brightness for the owner.

New Android will be able to open applications, which he considers important to the user at this point in time. This function will also be based on daily habits.

Gesture control

The latest system refreshes the function of managing gestures of the phone, which has not changed in motion for several years.

The Back, Main and Active Applications key tasks are replaced with the proper gestures designed to disable the user from the bodily buttons.

Apart from this, if you placed the phone screen, then Android 9 Pie does not send a notification.

App Actions and Slices

Google has tried to make the new version as intelligent as possible. Now she will foresee your actions. How does it work? For example, you connect headphones, Android analyzes the time and, according to it, can start the player or remind about the workout.

Slices is a new development for the search that will allow combining some actions into separate small programs with quick launch. That is, when searching for some programs, different options will be offered immediately. For example, when looking for a taxi, you will immediately show the cost to the house/work and the duration of the trip. Or, instead of launching Google Maps, you can enter the address in the search bar, the system will offer you a route.

New logic

There will be another method to take screenshots to hold the power button and select the corresponding icon in the menu that appears.

In addition, Pie gives you the opportunity to see important information from the application, without requiring it to be detected. For example, you can see the cost of the trip in the application for taxi service (and also time and other information), not opening it in any way.

The volume adjustment menu has changed.  Volume buttons now always change the level of multimedia, and not a ringtone. You can change the volume of the call in the general options.

If the automatic screen rotation function is turned off, then when you turn the smartphone to the right of the Home button, the interface orientation configuration key appears.

Google has changed the system settings - the feature groups have colored icons.

For the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches, the advanced settings are gone. You can connect or disconnect the module.

Android Pie not for all

For the bulk of users, Android Android 9.0 Pie will unattainable.  Before a new OS will be installed only on Pixel and Android One smartphones, which release is connected with Google, and only after this on the latest models of Samsung, LG, Sony, and other large suppliers.


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