New Digital Publishing Trends In 2018 (Part I)

New Digital Publishing Trends In 2018 (Part I)




I previously imagined that the video material will prevail in 2018. However, there is a different direction, which is not considered unexpected in the past. The use of mobile devices in the future will become even more. According to the analysis, in 2018 the most 50% of the network of Internet users will use their own mobile devices to perform their daily operations. Since the method of phones varies with such a rapid rate, everything is made without exception, the most easily accessible, there are great opportunities, that every genius of your target audience has a telephone. And for the purpose of this, to be effective, content developers are required to structure the media content, make it mobile with the purpose of users and provide it during this period, if anyone is, in that case, to take their own device to enter the concept. In the graph below, you will be able to observe that mobile phones existed as the most common mechanism for viewing the Internet.




The supplements industry is regularly increasing, and it is not obvious that the 2018 stage will cost approximately the reduction in the use of additions from among numeric readers. So, what is the purpose for you, therefore, of applying in the society of numerical publications? The direction of the search for this future year is an plenty of all the most innovative numerical additions without exception. Developers of additions improve the establishment of the needs of customers and give decisions to compliments. Most of this, 2018 time will contain the integration of innovative add-ons with numerical publications. For example, additions to the purpose of journals will expand the printed and other numerical used materials. If additions and numeric publications go hand to hand, this also means that it will be more comfortable for users to work with different numerical channels. Readers will select publications that are guaranteed by a soft transformation among reading and adding.




With the phenomenon of "fake news" that has recently happened, quality, meaningful media content is being made, without exception, by the most important. Buyers are made to better inform the difference between the true and in no way similar to the true message. What is even more important, buyers will become skeptical in this way, as well as if-or if the conversation is about reading numeric novelties and used materials. In order not to be in time with this direction in the field of numerical publication, place the advantage of quality content, which goes thoroughly.




Absolutely everyone knows that in the past year the popularity of video clips is increasing. 90% of the whole content, located in public networks in 2017, contained video material. It's not a secret, that the video material before deposed other formats, to be a more used type of media in public networks. And this direction will not only continue in 2018 but in addition, it will be foreseen, that by 2020 up to 80% of online content will be video material. In a similar way, video material is not removed in the shortest possible time, because of its importance, and began to be the most competitive since one is considered one with the most significant formats for the purpose of stamps. But it is necessary to have a type, that the method that I use the video material varies. In order to generate interesting media content, publishers should ensure that without exception, all their video content is of high quality and suitable. For this reason, a deliberate project and studies are more than rigorous to be sure what the public is acquiring in this case, what they are finding. Because that, as well as David Wilding, the manager of the planning department on Twitter, "the video is not politics, this strategy". For this reason, first of all, rather than plunge into this, you need a policy that is behind this, what you are shaping.

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